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the TRAX @ livejournal
2012.03.06@03:27 pm
Hello. :) I'm selling the following items if anyone's interested:

  • Blaze Away
  • Rhapsody
  • Scorpio
I'm also selling a bunch of other JRock related stuff over HERE.

All the stuff I have for sale is in mint condition and most of the stuff is first press and includes external bonuses (where applicable).

Thank you!
2012.04.10@02:19 pm (UTC)
how much are you wanting for these?
2012.04.10@02:21 pm (UTC)
Hello. :) Altogether is $45 ($15 each).
2012.04.10@03:14 pm (UTC)
ok... are you doing these through ebay or what?
2012.04.10@09:24 pm (UTC)
You can find more information at my selling journal HERE. Do you have Paypal? What shipping method would you like me to quote you on - registered airmail or normal airmail? :)
2012.04.16@07:09 am (UTC)
Hello. :) Would you still like to purchase these items from me?
2012.05.02@10:07 am (UTC)
Hello. :) Are you still interested in the items?
2012.05.03@12:04 am (UTC)
i am still interested in buying, however i just bought a car so i'm no longer in the position to do so </3
2012.05.03@06:46 am (UTC)
Ok so you won't be buying them at all I take it?
2012.05.03@03:09 pm (UTC)
sadly i will not be buying </3
2012.08.25@04:14 pm (UTC)
still selling these three CD?
I am one of the fans in Hong Kong and I want to buy these three CD ><
2012.08.27@05:27 am (UTC)
They are all still available. :)
2012.12.31@02:23 am (UTC)
OH GOD please are those still availables? I want them but i need to talk to someone if she can do me the favor to pay them >< but i'll try eveytingh to get them please are still available?
2012.12.31@09:11 am (UTC)
Yes they are still available. :)
2013.01.03@01:27 am (UTC)
REALLY? -dies- How much? and how can i pay for it?
2013.01.07@11:27 am (UTC)
Please visit my sale journal here: http://wellieton.livejournal.com/1301.html
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